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Flood Flaps® Sealed

Flood Flaps® Sealed

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  • FEMA-COMPLIANT DESIGN: Our flood vents adhere to FEMA standards, showcasing durability through meticulously tested, engineered ABS plastic that resists rust and rot.
  • EFFICIENT SURFACE MOUNTING: Easily installed over foundation openings, our flood vents boast dimensions of 11"x19"x5" with exterior trim. The required 8"x16" rough opening ensures a precise fit for seamless integration.
  • COMPREHENSIVE FOUNDATION PROTECTION: Safeguard your foundation from rising floodwaters with each vent providing an expansive 220 square feet of coverage. Achieve FEMA compliance with a minimum of two vents, prioritizing optimal protection.
  • NATIONWIDE COMPLIANCE WITH ICC-ES CERTIFICATES: Our flood vents come with ICC-ES certificates, ensuring conformity with regulations across all 50 states in the US. Trust in a product that meets rigorous industry standards for widespread applicability.
  • INSURANCE PREMIUM OPTIMIZATION AND VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Consider potential savings on flood insurance premiums with our flood vents, applicable not only to homes but also ideal for garages, sheds, and more. Invest in a solution that not only enhances safety but offers versatility for various structures.

Introducing Engineered Flood Vents, meticulously designed and ICC-ES certified to meet regulatory performance standards. These openings, accepted by local authorities, offer a prescriptive alternative, equipped with screens, louvers, valves, or coverings for automatic floodwater entry and exit.

Benefits include potential savings on flood insurance premiums, tailored to each structure's unique risk factors such as elevation, construction style, and flood risk zone. Adding flood vents to your foundation walls protects against flood damage, reducing overall flood risk and insurance costs.

Contrary to common misconceptions, FEMA does not approve or endorse products. While compliance with FEMA design guidance is essential, claims of products being "FEMA approved" are inaccurate.

Engineered Flood Vents, requiring state certifications, provide competitive coverage at an affordable price compared to market alternatives. Invest in a solution that not only protects your property but also aligns with regulatory standards for optimal flood risk mitigation.

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