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Foundation Vent Area Wall

Foundation Vent Area Wall

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  • ENHANCED SAFETY WITH ROUNDED BOTTOM CORNERS: Ensure added safety with our product's specially designed rounded bottom corners, minimizing potential hazards and creating a secure environment.
  • DURABLE SINGLE-STEEL SHEET CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from a single steel sheet, our product boasts exceptional durability, providing long-lasting strength and reliability for various applications.
  • BRIGHT FINISH FOR OPTIMAL LIGHT REFLECTION: The bright finish not only adds a stylish touch but also optimizes light reflection in basements, enhancing visibility and creating a well-lit space.
  • EASY WALL INSTALLATION WITH FLANGE HOLES: Convenient flange holes make wall bolting a breeze, ensuring a straightforward and secure installation process for our product.
  • STURDY AGAINST BACKFILL WITH DEEP CORRUGATION: Featuring deep corrugation, our product offers additional strength against backfill, providing stability and reinforcement to withstand various environmental pressures.

Enhance safety with our uniquely designed product featuring rounded bottom corners, crafted from a single steel sheet for durability. The bright finish not only adds a sleek touch but also maximizes light reflection in basements. Convenient flange holes allow easy wall bolting, ensuring secure installation. The deep corrugation provides added strength against backfill, promoting stability.

Measuring at 19-1/2" width and 10" depth, this product is engineered for optimal performance. When backfilling, a gradual process is recommended to prevent excessive pressure against the area wall. Invest in our quality solution for a reliable and secure basement environment.

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