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Moiswell Commercial Dehumidifier (145 PPD)

Moiswell Commercial Dehumidifier (145 PPD)

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  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED CRAWLSPACE DEHUMIDIFIER - MOISWELL X145: Experience optimal air quality in tight spaces with our X145 dehumidifier. Its sleek horizontal design and compact size (22.51414.7 inches) make it perfect for floor or overhead installation in crawl spaces and basements. Reduce moisture levels effectively for confined areas.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PERFORMANCE WITH ENERGY STAR EFFICIENCY: Our Energy Star certified crawlspace dehumidifier combines heavy-duty performance with enhanced energy efficiency. With an impressive 265 CFM airflow and the ability to remove up to 145 pints of moisture per day (Max.), it's ideal for rapidly drying extremely damp spaces or maintaining optimal humidity in large rooms up to 6,000 sq ft.
  • EXPERTLY ENGINEERED FOR EFFORTLESS OPERATION: Set your desired humidity level, and let this commercial dehumidifier handle the rest. Auto cycle ON/OFF, 24-hour timer, auto drain, auto defrost, and auto restart after power outage features ensure effortless humidity control in any environment.
  • METICULOUSLY CRAFTED FOR VERSATILE USE - MODERN AESTHETICS: Our industrial dehumidifier not only excels in functionality and efficiency but also in modern aesthetics. The sleek and contemporary design makes it an appealing addition to residential, commercial, or industrial spaces without compromising performance.
  • RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY: 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Trust in Moiswell dehumidifiers with a 5-year limited warranty. Although our brand is new, our experienced team has a history of producing high-quality dehumidifiers. Receive top-notch quality and dependable customer service, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

Introducing the Moiswell X145 Commercial Dehumidifier, meticulously crafted for crawl spaces with a focus on compactness and portability. This commercial-grade dehumidifier, capable of removing 145 pints of moisture per day (70 Pints/Day @ AHAM), offers unparalleled performance in a streamlined design.

The Moiswell crawl space dehumidifier is ingeniously compact, prioritizing efficient water removal. With a robust 265 CFM airflow, it ensures the removal of excess moisture without compromising on size. Ideal for commercial applications, it caters to spaces up to 6,000 square feet, delivering high-performance dehumidification.

Weighing only 69 lbs, the Moiswell X145 is exceptionally portable. This feature allows for seamless movement to various locations, including basements, offices, storage rooms, or hoisting areas. Its adaptability makes it an optimal choice for maintaining humidity levels in diverse spaces.

The thoughtfully designed compact structure enhances the dehumidifier's portability, making it effortlessly movable to its designated workspace. This attribute is particularly beneficial for commercial applications and crawl spaces where flexibility is paramount.

For added versatility, the crawl space dehumidifier's air outlet is duct-able, enabling ducting if necessary (ducts need to be purchased separately). This feature enhances customization, allowing users to tailor the unit to specific environmental needs.

Elevate your dehumidification experience with the Moiswell X145, a compact and portable solution designed for optimal performance in crawl spaces and commercial settings.

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