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Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket

Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability in demanding environments.
  • EFFICIENT FILTRATION: Equipped with advanced filtration technology to effectively remove contaminants and impurities from water, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Features intuitive controls and easy-to-read displays for straightforward operation and hassle-free maintenance.
  • SPACE-SAVING: Compact and sleek design allows for easy integration into any kitchen or office space without occupying excess room.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Utilizes innovative energy-saving mechanisms to reduce power consumption and lower utility costs, promoting environmental sustainability.

Introducing our innovative Two-Piece Sump Pump Bucket, engineered for seamless installation in tight spaces such as crawlspaces and foundations. Crafted with convenience in mind, it comes in three easily assembled pieces, facilitating hassle-free transport and maneuverability to its installation site. Alternatively, it can be pre-assembled for straightforward insertion through crawl space access points.

Once assembled, utilize the included pins and nuts to secure gardening cloth around the bucket, effectively preventing debris buildup. Unlike conventional hardware store paint buckets, our design ensures smooth operation of your sump pump without the risk of switches getting stuck, safeguarding your crawl space from potential damage.


  • Assembled – 14.5" Tall x 11.5" Wide
  • Disassembled – 14.5" Tall x 5.5" Wide
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